Invisible Braces
for Adults?

They offer several advantages over conventional braces…

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Considered Invisible Braces?

If you are looking to improve the straightness of your teeth you may want to consider invisible braces for adults. The invisible braces are made of clear material that will fit perfectly to the outside of your teeth and offer several advantages over conventional braces.
  • You can see the simulated outcome BEFORE YOU START treatment & show it to your friends and family for an opinion.
  • The see-through appliance can be removed and put back in at will!
This means:
  1. It makes brushing and oral hygiene maintenance much easier.
  2. This is invaluable in patients with history of gum disease, large fillings or a tendency for decay.
  3. We can easily do our routine check-up, hygiene appointment or even take x-rays, if needed.
  4. You can play your favourite sport or engage in any activity you may want to – even contact sports!
  5. We give you a series of appliances to take away, so feel free to go on your hassle-free holiday!
Patients can achieve straightened teeth in as little as 3 months, depending on the complexity of the situation. If you’re interested in more information about out invisible braces for adults please feel free to get in touch, additionally if you’re wondering how much are invisible braces for adults you can have a look at our price list.