Anxious Patients

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Feeling Anxious?

It is common to feel anxious when you visit the dentist. That’s why we make every effort to help you feel as calm and relaxed as possible. Read about our techniques listed below.

  • Relaxation techniques such as focusing on your breathing
  • Distraction techniques, for example listening to music
  • Making sure that your teeth are fully anaesthetised before starting treatment
  • Using hand signals during your treatment
  • Offer of sedation

If you do feel anxious or worried about visiting us please give us a call and we can have a chat.

Dental Sedation

Some patients may benefit immensely by being ‘sedated’ while the dental procedure is being carried out. There are several ways of achieving sedation and we can advise you on the various options available.

Patients that often benefit from sedation include:

  1. Nervous Patients
  2. Patients with a severe gag reflex
  3. Patients needing extensive procedures

Advantages: Sedation does not make you sleep but ensures that you don’t care about the treatment being carried out.

Disadvantages: You will need a chaperone to bring you to the dental practice on the day of sedation and you will need a responsible adult to keep an eye on you for the following 24 hours. Some patients may not be good candidates for sedation in the ‘dental practice setting’. We therefore carry out a comprehensive assessment to identify such patients beforehand.